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Pulling on threads

This is part two of my odyssey into the glitzy, glamorous, data-driven world of game show analysis. If you’re new here, check out part one.

Friends, as of this writing I have documented over 50 games of Deal or No Deal, accounting for almost 400 rounds of play. I have watched dozens of hours of television, and I am only halfway to my goal. I have dreams about Deal or No Deal. The theme song plays on repeat in my head. No journey is without hardship, but I’ve learned a lot about the show and its contestants. …

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Obviously not my image, please don’t be mad at me, NBC

Extremely Seinfeld voice

I’m embarking on a journey into the shimmery, gold-plated, soul-patched world of Deal or No Deal to try to understand the inner workings of this fascinating risk tolerance experiment masquerading as a game show. This is part one of a ?? part series, starting with…

Part One: Data or No Data?

For the uninitiated, every Deal or No Deal episode begins with our incredibly shiny host, Howie Mandel, bringing out 26 even shinier models, each holding a briefcase with some value of money in it, ranging from one cent to a million dollars. The cases are packed by a third party, and nobody, even the villainous…

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San Francisco skyline (photo: Gabriel Tovar)

Throughout the US, many people have lost jobs and income because of COVID-19 and the resulting shutdowns in many states. At a time when people are being told to stay home to limit the spread of disease, many are at risk of losing their homes because they can’t work and therefore can’t pay the rent.

In early September, the Centers for Disease Control issued a national moratorium on evictions until December 31st. Under this order, tenants can provide a declaration to their landlord that shows that they meet certain conditions, which then prevents the landlord from evicting them. …

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Digital consultant. Data science, frontend, backend, and everything in between.

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